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Mom struggled to cope

Oh my word, this is so sad.

A friend of the South African family, whose three children were found murdered at their home in New Malden, south London, said their mother was struggling to cope with her children’s genetic condition.

The victims, a four-year-old girl and three-year-old twin boys, had Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) which left one in a wheelchair and the others unable to move.

Their mother Tania has been arrested in connection with their deaths.

via UK murder: Mom struggled to cope.

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Myositis Poem

myositis poem

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MDA Study Reveals ‘Cost of Illness’ for ALS, DMD, MMD | Quest Magazine Online


MDA Study Reveals ‘Cost of Illness’ for ALS, DMD, MMDMDA has supported a total cost-of-illness study for three common neuromuscular disorders that may affect drug development and social and economic policiesChronic, debilitating diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and muscular dystrophy take a toll on families and society that goes beyond medical expenses. Putting a dollar amount on this toll will help guide the drug development industry and policymakers.Article Highlights:MDA has funded the first-ever study in the U.S. estimating the annual cost of illness in terms of medical costs, nonmedical costs and loss of income for families affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and myotonic muscular dystrophy.The study has implications for companies seeking to develop drugs for neuromuscular disorders; for the design of social and economic policies that pertain to families with these disorders; and for individuals seeking insurance or government program coverage of treatments for ALS, DMD or MMD.”This valuable study provides us with a way to translate the adverse effects of our diseases into dollar terms, the universal language of decision-makers and the policy arena,” said Jane Larkindale, MDA vice president of research.In a two-minute video, MDA Senior Vice President of Advocacy Annie Kennedy explains the value of the study for individuals.BY MARGARET WAHL ON AUGUST 14, 2013 – 4:00AM

via MDA Study Reveals ‘Cost of Illness’ for ALS, DMD, MMD | Quest Magazine Online.

via MDA Study Reveals ‘Cost of Illness’ for ALS, DMD, MMD | Quest Magazine Online.


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disABILITY Information and Resources


Visit this very informative website it’s well worth it

disABILITY Information and Resources.

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Wheelchair padded comfort cover

Wheelchair Chair Pad

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Hand grip for weak hands

Great idea for helping those with weak hands


handle grips2

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Superfans “abuse” wheelchair patron

ONE OF THE REASONS I DON”T GO TO RUGBY OR SOCCER STADIUMS Disability options and facilities are appalling t most and crowd behaviour is sometimes terrible. What does an article like this say for the Sponsors and fans? Castle sport fans this is a disgrace. SIES!

Let me tell you now, what we saw at Soccer City yesterday was appalling. We sat in the row right behind the row of disabled/wheelchair seating.
After halftime two young men, wearing Castle Lager shirts and big green HULK hands drinking beer came past us and was probably too drunk to get to their chairs they decided the chairs in the disabled seating was better seating and just sat down. Firstly we did not see what happened but as the people in the wheelchairs returned an augment ensued.
As we started listening in it appeared that the person in the wheelchair asked them to vacate the seats as they paid for it just as them, they refused and used the worst language to tell the person in the wheelchair off. In the mean time 3 other people in wheelchairs could not watch the game because of these men.
These two men showed what I would consider the worst side of human behavior and after 10 min of fighting finally we as the crowed jumped in and found the rest of their group they were with and they were told to leave to make space for the other people in the wheelchairs. Then we inquired about the group they were in and was told they won some form of fan prize and was hosted by Castle all day, given copious amounts of free alcohol, let onto the field half time and all this done in the name of Castle. I hope you guys are proud of your “ambassadors”. Absolutely despicable!

I took two photos of the people in question during the argument that shows the two drunkards and the person in the wheelchair.

Superfans “abuse” wheelchair patron | News24.

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