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Mom struggled to cope

Oh my word, this is so sad.

A friend of the South African family, whose three children were found murdered at their home in New Malden, south London, said their mother was struggling to cope with her children’s genetic condition.

The victims, a four-year-old girl and three-year-old twin boys, had Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) which left one in a wheelchair and the others unable to move.

Their mother Tania has been arrested in connection with their deaths.

via UK murder: Mom struggled to cope.

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It’s substance abuse folks

You can change the name to any city or town in South Africa or elsewhere in the world and this story would still be true after slight adjustment to numbers.  This is the single biggest problem that the world faces today. Global warming, war, famine and disease fade into insignificance in its shadow. 

alcoholic 2

MADISON COUNTY — Wouldn’t it be nice if more of our problems were simple? Sometimes it seems that everything is connected to everything else. Take our overcrowded jail.The vast majority of crimes committed today have their roots in some kind of substance abuse. Whether it is murder, assault, robbery, breaking and entering, domestic violence, DUI or public intoxication, substance abuse is generally at the base.Numerous studies put the percent of the population with substance abuse issues anywhere between 5 and 10 percent of the total population. This means there would be over 4,000 people with substance abuse problems in Madison County based on the 5 percent model. Our jail is designed to hold approximately 200 but frequently averages over 250 guests.  We have been learning that incarceration is an expensive but ineffective means of addressing substance abuse issues.Jail/prison overcrowding is caused by the increase in the growing number of crimes caused by substance abuse. Madison County, like many other Kentucky counties, is utilizing home incarceration programs to help alleviate jail overcrowding and save taxpayer money. These inmates have electronic ankle bracelets that track their movements. If they move out of designated areas they are targeted to be re-arrested.Home incarceration is a good first step, but this is where it starts to get complicated. A substance abuser has little chance of overcoming their addiction without some form of professional treatment. Substance abuse treatment services are very limited in Madison County and can only serve a fraction of the addicts.I am not sure the county could build a jail big enough to hold all the addicts. Are you starting to get the picture?Can we at least talk about what can be done to slow the flow of new addicts into our population? You remember the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” How much better is it to prevent a person from becoming a substance abuser in the first place?Prevention must start at an early age. Studies have shown that a child who drinks alcohol before age 14 is seven times more likely to be alcohol dependent than a person who waits until age 21. Recent research indicates that alcohol and tobacco are bigger gateway drugs than previously thought.Many local governments are enacting Social Host Ordinances that hold adults accountable for alcohol being served to minors on their property. This serves to act as a deterrent to underage drinking. Sixty-nine percent of high school students responded in a survey that the alcohol they drink is at a friend’s house.All three of our local governments adopting a joint social host ordinance would be a small step toward preventing future substance abusers.You can learn more about social host ordinances doing an Internet search.As always I am appreciative of your thoughts on these and other issues in our county.

via It’s substance abuse folks » Viewpoints » The Richmond Register.

via It’s substance abuse folks » Viewpoints » The Richmond Register.


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DIY Commodes

camping commode


The Camping commode

I wouldn’t cut the hole square, I would trace a toilet seat more oval shape!


The desperation commode

raised toilet seat


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Disability grants difficult to get. WHY?

Disability grants difficult to get. WHY?


Many, many disabled people cannot claim a disability grant merely because the joint income of husband and wife exceeded a certain amount, making the disabled partner totally dependent on the bread winner. In my case I can’t claim because my wife earns just over the said limit. I am married by ant nuptial agreement so legally what is hers, remains hers. Fortunately in my case my wife is a willing sharer.


If this was a scenario where the couple was estranged, how would the disabled person survive?


Johannesburg – Many disabled South Africans are living in poverty without access to the government’s disability grant, a University of Johannesburg study has found.

“Contrary to popular beliefs that the disabled live on social grants, the study found that 61% of the respondents interviewed in eight of the poorest wards in Johannesburg are not accessing the disability grant,” said researcher Lauren Graham.

The study into poverty among the disabled was conducted by the university’s centre for social development in Africa. Its findings were released on Friday.

Many respondents did not know about the disability grant or how to apply for it, said Graham.

Others claimed they did not have identity documents which would allow them to quality for the government grant.

Respondents also cited “red tape” and poor treatment by officials as reasons they did not make use of the grant.

Graham said people with disabilities were still experiencing discrimination and were being “pushed to the margins of society”.

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Conversations with computers and others.

Conversations with computers and others.

computer kill

“Shane how do I get the computer to send this document via e.mail?”

“Like this Dad don’t be so “Doff”!!!!!” (Then in a blur of moving fingers tik tik tik tik tik

tik tik— much too fast for my ageing eyes and brain to comprehend) “There, you see, it’s

so easy.”

That’s when my pride kicks into gear.

“Yes! Sure. I can manage now thanks for your help.”

Right, now let’s see. He pushed this button, clicked the mouse on this thingy and then he

double clicked the mouse on this do dat and thennnnn, “You have made an illegal entry

and windows will be shutting down in 5, 4, 3, seconds”


Damn it!! —- now where has the letter gone, or has it been lost in cyberspace, and I

didn’t save it to the ROM or RAM or CD, DVD, MP3, Stick, Stiffy or some other such

alien abbreviation. It took me an hour to type using the single digit method and now it’s


“Your virtual memory is low. Please wait while windows releases more memory”

“So now you insult me too. How do you know my memory is low. You don’t even know

how old I am you stupid machine.”

“Do you want to save your document before Windows shuts down?”

“Of course I do but I don’t know where you put it! You’re just trying to annoy me so I

won’t use you again. You’re so clever, you find it, and save it yourself. I didn’t even get a

chance to name the blasted thing and anyway I must be going, I have to take more blood

pressure medication.”

“You have a new message”.

Roy has sent you a Xmas greeting, click on attachment to view.

HAH now that’s easy. I just click the mouse on this paper clip and then———– “You

cannot view this message while you are off line. Do you want to go on line now?”

“It’s my message. How dare you tell me I can’t view it? Why did you tell me I had a

message in the first place? What do you mean I must go on line? You know I hate lines. I

never stand in lines for anything. GIMME my message”.

“Windows has detected a fatal error and will be shutting down in 10 seconds. Please save

all work in progress or it will be lost”. “THAT’S IT! —– I’LL FATAL ERROR YOU,

you @#$#%$#^%&*^%$ machine, no more, I can’t stand anymore of this”

“Shane please send an e.mail to all my friends and tell them to write to me because FRED

(Flipping Ridiculous Electronic Device) the computer and I have parted company and I

will not be using e.mail, or any other kind of computer generated mail for that matter,

ever again.

Does anybody know where I put my pen?”

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Foam handles for weak hands

More weak hands ideas


handle grips

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Hand grip for weak hands

Great idea for helping those with weak hands


handle grips2

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